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Recent Game Forum Topics

Most recent and active forum topics being discussed in the game forums.
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3DS Dropping $80 in August
started by Nelson Schneider (Epic Reviewer)
08/06/2011 12:56 pm CT
by Nelson Schneider (Moderator)
I will enjoy watching that.
Virtual Boy added, WiiU and Vita pre-launch announcements added
started by Nelson Schneider (Epic Reviewer)
08/02/2011 03:48 pm CT
by Chris Kavan (Moderator)
I have to add if you see a game that you think needs to be in the database that hasn't been added, make a request (that goes for any...
The Conduit 2 (2011)
07/07/2011 06:30 am CT
by Kayleigh (Casual Gamer)
The Conduit 2 sends you into the distant corners of the world to stop the alien invasion. The game features single-player, multi...
E3 Predictions
started by Nelson Schneider (Epic Reviewer)
07/07/2011 06:25 am CT
by Kayleigh (Casual Gamer)
One of the simple joys of E3, the annual gaming expo that calls home to the biggest names in games development each year, is the r...
Wii 2 at E3?
started by Chris Kavan (Moderator)
07/07/2011 06:22 am CT
by Kayleigh (Casual Gamer)
Players get a more immersive game experience. You can use the controller as a pull-out menu with a game, either by giving you a ...
James Bond 007: Blood Stone (2010)
07/07/2011 06:19 am CT
by Kayleigh (Casual Gamer)
Blood Stone, an explosive third-person action/adventure game from critically acclaimed developer Bizarre Creations, features Danie...
Disturbing trends in video games...
started by Jonzor (Avid Gamer)
06/24/2011 04:05 am CT
by Jonzor (Avid Gamer)
Yeah, Cracked is getting to the heart of a few truths in about games right now, and I wish I could make sure the right people are re...
PSN Down Until End of May!
started by Nelson Schneider (Epic Reviewer)
06/04/2011 03:42 pm CT
by Nelson Schneider (Moderator)
Well, everything is back up and running on PSN (though you will most likely get a bunch of errors due to the overwhelming amount of ...
started by Drive-In Massacre (Regular Gamer)
06/01/2011 12:21 am CT
by Alex (Moderator)
The best way to promote the site is to post links to your public feed on Facebook, become a fan on facebook, tweet links to meltedjo...
Sega CD, NeoGeo Added
started by Chris Kavan (Moderator)
05/20/2011 01:30 pm CT
by Chris Kavan (Moderator)
NeoGeo is, at this post, completed. Sega CD games should start appearing in the next week.  If you see any games missing in the...
WinBack: Covert Operations (1999)
04/20/2011 10:40 pm CT
by Alex (Moderator)
This game is so good. I think it should be up for game of the year in 2011 even though it came out 11 years ago!
Amazon Goldbox Deals 4-19-11
started by Chris Kavan (Moderator)
04/19/2011 08:14 pm CT
by Chris Kavan (Moderator)
2 PM - Bulletstorm was correct.4 PM - Final Fantasy XIII was correct6 PM - Sims Medieval was correct.
What Game Should I Get for Wining The Melted Joystick Contest?
started by dbarry_22 (Hardcore Gamer)
04/07/2011 07:57 pm CT
by Chris Kavan (Moderator)
FYI - the official selection is Tiger Woods for the Wii. Let's see that motion control action! But you can always borrow my copy of ...
Where is ELITE for NES?
started by random (Casual Gamer)
04/04/2011 04:09 am CT
by random (Casual Gamer)
Excellent, thanks!
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (1999)
04/04/2011 04:08 am CT
by random (Casual Gamer)
This was published as "Tony Hawk's Skateboarding" in Europe and Australia: iki/Tony_Hawk's_Pro_Skat er
Neo Geo, Sega CD, and TurboGrafx-16 platforms should be added
started by Captain Video (Avid Gamer)
03/31/2011 04:38 pm CT
by Nelson Schneider (Moderator)
We will be adding a variety of additional consoles in the future. However, we currently have no plans to add arcade games.
3DS on Jimmy Fallon
started by Nelson Schneider (Epic Reviewer)
03/29/2011 11:13 pm CT
by Nelson Schneider (Moderator)
No, I'm not surprised... partially because I saw that he's currently playing PilotWings Resort... partially because he owns a Virtua...
Welcome to the Forum & Contest Rules
started by Chris Kavan (Moderator)
03/28/2011 01:21 am CT
by Chris Kavan (Moderator)
Congratulations to dbarry_22 - the winner of the contest. With 951 points (and counting!), he proven beyond a doubt he is a true g...
PC Games???
started by Matt (Regular Gamer)
03/27/2011 02:47 pm CT
by Nelson Schneider (Moderator)
We're not even talking about dividing between Mac and PC, here, Chris. We're talking about:DOS (probably multiple versions)Windows 3...
Baseball Stars (1989)
03/27/2011 02:42 pm CT
by Nelson Schneider (Moderator)
You're absolutely correct, zam. Actually, emulated NES games are far superior to the original system because:1. You don't have to bl...
HomeFront (was it good)
started by White wonder (Newbie Gamer)
03/25/2011 12:56 am CT
by Nelson Schneider (Moderator)
Also remember that people who don't like a game based solely on the subject matter are very unlikely to write a review of it. Rating...
Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990)
03/24/2011 08:40 pm CT
by Nelson Schneider (Moderator)
It's interesting to note, though, that back in 1990 when SMB3 was released, my tolerance for sitting in front of a screen capped at ...
New Xbox
started by White wonder (Newbie Gamer)
03/24/2011 08:33 pm CT
by Nelson Schneider (Moderator)
@ Chris: Money is the root of all evil.@ White wonder: I thought the 360 launch lineup was crap too, and the current 360 lineup only...
Smarty Pants: Trivia Fun for Everyone (2007)
03/22/2011 10:38 pm CT
by zam (Casual Gamer)
not really like trivial pursuit.  There's no board game aspect.  It's just trivia but competitive
Dreamcast 2
started by White wonder (Newbie Gamer)
03/17/2011 11:24 pm CT
by White wonder (Newbie Gamer)
yea that is true it would be cool but i dont see that happening any time soon
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