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My Top Wii Games

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Recent Rating History

The Last Story 5/5
Xenoblade Chronicles 5/5
The Homebrew Channel 5/5
The House of the De... 2/5
Contra 2/5
1943: The Battle of... 3.5/5
Smarty Pants: Trivi... 4/5
Boom Blox 3/5
Michael Jackson The... 3/5
WiiSports 2/5
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Baseball Stars when the old NES would erase my awesome team

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The Last Story
The Last Story might be the last good Wii game
5/5 stars

I just finished The Last Story about a week ago. It isn't available in America until June, and I would highly recommend keeping your Wii around or borrowing someone's Wii that is collecting dust to play it. Just a great game that really blends the line between action game and RPG. It is a short game... compared to the other recent Wii RPG...


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Nelson Schneider

Nelson Schneider- wrote on 01/30/13 at 11:04 PM CT


I think FInal Fantasy Dimensions LOOKS awesome. I would buy it too, if:

1. It wasn't egregiously overpriced.
2. Square Enix put it in the Windows 8 Store.

Nelson Schneider

Nelson Schneider- wrote on 11/29/12 at 12:09 AM CT


Tablet gaming is a pale comparison to any other kind of gaming. No wonder you're not feeling it!

If I had to play games on a tablet, I'd wait until the Surface Pro is released so I could install Steam and play all the kick-ass Indie games it has (that also don't require crazy CPU/GPU/RAM).

What didn't you like about Pandora's Tower? I can't fault you for being "done" with the Wii, as Pandora's Tower was my last Wii game, so I'm officially "done" with that console as well (though I'm keeping mine hooked up for the Homebrew Channel).

Nelson Schneider

Nelson Schneider- wrote on 11/26/12 at 09:07 PM CT


Hey, zam. Have you gotten your hands on Pandora's Tower yet? If you like Xenoblade and Last Story, you should definitely check it out. I ended up liking it more than both those games.

Nelson Schneider

Nelson Schneider- wrote on 09/06/12 at 06:10 PM CT


Ha, I just now saw your reply to my comment about Xenoblade.

I have a review of it up on this site that covers my gripes with it. The short version, however, is that I thought it had WAAAAY too many grindy, pointless sidequests (it would have been much better if those were cut by about 80%) and I didn't like how little control I had over my allies (Sharla was always healing too soon, so she'd be stuck in the middle of cooldown when I REALLY needed healing).


zam- wrote on 05/28/12 at 12:58 PM CT
Last Story, The Review comment


Wait, you thought Xenoblade was disappointing? What didn't you like about it? I thought it was an outstanding game.. great storyline, great gameplay... I'm very curious what you didn't like... That game is a top 5 JRPG for me!

Nelson Schneider

Nelson Schneider- wrote on 05/28/12 at 12:20 PM CT
Last Story, The Review comment


I had the European version on pre-order, but the shop I ordered from was bought by a bigger company and cancelled all existing pre-orders. Since the North American release was announced in the meantime, I decided to just wait for it. I can't imagine the Limited Edition in Europe came with anything particularly spectacular.

I just hope this game is better than the disappointing Xenoblade. Your description makes it sound less grindy and more reasonable in length, but I'm worried about how actiony the battle system is.


zam- wrote on 04/15/12 at 07:13 AM CT
Xenoblade Chronicles Review comment


I completed this Xenoblade game a few months ago.. it's now finally released in the States.

It is an excellent game and I would highly recommend playing it. It was on par with Final Fantasy XII in terms of my enjoyment of it.

Nelson Schneider

Nelson Schneider- wrote on 10/12/11 at 12:55 AM CT
Xenoblade Chronicles Review comment


FF7 is your #1 RPG?

Son, I am disappoint. ;_;

But kudos for beating me to this game. It looks like it will be a race to see who finishes first.



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