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My Top Super Nintendo (SNES) Games

1. Final Fantasy III (... Add to game list
2. Super Metroid Add to game list
3. The Legend of Zelda... Add to game list
4. Chrono Trigger Add to game list
5. Super Mario World Add to game list
6. Super Mario RPG: Le... Add to game list
7. Final Fantasy II ( ... Add to game list
8. F-Zero Add to game list
9. Mega Man X Add to game list
10. Secret of Mana ( Se... Add to game list
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Recent Rating History

Demon's Souls 3.5/5
Metroid Dread 4.5/5
Mario Golf: Super R... 3.5/5
Monster Hunter Rise 4/5
Returnal 4/5
Dead Cells 4.5/5
Dead Cells 4.5/5
Marvel: Ultimate Al... 3/5
Far Cry 4 4/5
Bastion 4/5
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Gaming Profile

The game I love

Super Mario Bros.

The game I hate (and want to destroy)

World of Warcraft

My guilty pleasure (game)

Tecmo Super Bowl

Favorite Platform

Least Favorite

Nintendo (NES) 

Sega Genesis 

Favorite Genre

Least Favorite

2D Platformer 

Massively Multiplayer Online RPG 

Top Game List

1. Super Mario 64 N64 Add to game list
2. Super Mario Bros. 3 NES Add to game list
3. Final Fantasy III ( Final Fantasy VI ) SNES Add to game list
4. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time N64 Add to game list
5. The Legend of Zelda NES Add to game list
6. Tecmo Super Bowl NES Add to game list
7. Super Mario Bros. NES Add to game list
8. Dragon Warrior IV ( Dragon Quest IV: Chapters... NES Add to game list
9. GoldenEye 007 N64 Add to game list
10. Mario Kart 64 N64 Add to game list
11. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening GB/C Add to game list
12. Super Mario Odyssey Switch Add to game list
13. Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride DS Add to game list
14. Tetris GB/C Add to game list
15. Super Metroid SNES Add to game list
16. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Switch Add to game list
17. Mario Kart Wii Wii Add to game list
18. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS Add to game list
19. Portal 2 PS3 Add to game list
20. Metroid Prime GC Add to game list
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Demon's Souls
PlayStation 5
Difficult, Frustrating, and also Rewarding
3.5/5 stars

Demon's Souls is a remake of a game with the same name on PS3. It's a beautiful, difficult, and rewarding game that lacks when it comes to controls and explaining things. I had never played a game in the "Souls" series before starting this so when I began I only knew a couple things. First, the series is pretty popular and second, that it's v...


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Nelson Schneider

Nelson Schneider- wrote on 02/05/19 at 03:59 PM CT


If you think I'm a blind DQ fanboy, re-read my DQ9 review.


dbarry_22- wrote on 12/06/18 at 09:25 AM CT
Octopath Traveler Review comment


Early in the game some battles did seem to take a while with enemies having a lot of HP. But, to be honest I think those people didn't really learn strategies that can take out enemies quickly. In Octopath I took a much more aggressive approach to battles than I usually do in RPGs. Knowing when to charge your attacks can really affect things. Boss battles can be lengthy but even those decreased heavily as I went through the game and learned the subtitles.

When it comes to JP grinding I really had to do very little. Most of it occurred after I beat the game and wanted to finish other quests. A character can only hold onto one secondary job at a time and the only permanent thing they hold onto are the skills you can learn with each job class. So there were a few skills I wanted everyone to learn but I almost always had JP to pass around. So, you really don't need to and shouldn't be having every character learn everything of all the jobs. Now I took a somewhat leisurely approach to the game and explored a lot so perhaps that affected things.

Honestly the only time I see a balance issue coming up or having to heavily JP grind is if you try and race through the game then you might have to tackle these issues. Honestly I didn't have them, like, at all. I've done far more grinding in almost every Dragon Quest game I've ever played.

Nelson Schneider

Nelson Schneider- wrote on 12/02/18 at 03:57 PM CT
Octopath Traveler Review comment


Two things you didn't touch upon that other reviews have made me leery of:

1. How does battle balance feel? Some other reviews have complained that even random trash encounters have too much HP, and the battles take way too long.

2. How's the JP grinding? Any game with a Job system that exists outside of the basic XP/level system can really go overboard with how long it takes to grind up the Job skills you need (e.g., Final Fantasy Tactics).

Nelson Schneider

Nelson Schneider- wrote on 12/02/17 at 03:29 PM CT
Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reve... Review comment


100% agree with you that the story is a bit of a mess compared to DQ4 and DQ5. I honestly can't remember what it was about except that it involved dreams somehow. Also 100% agree that grinding for vocations was a complete buzzkill. When I think back to my time with DQ6 in ZSNES on my crappy old Athlon64 PC, all I remember is grinding battles for vocation mastery while watching TV on a different screen. Not a good sign.


dbarry_22- wrote on 08/28/17 at 04:09 PM CT
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the ... Review comment


I think the point I was trying to make is that Nintendo made some drastic changes to the normal Zelda formula. And while in this instance it was not only acceptable but a nice change of pace, I don't see this as a winning formula that should be copied for the next 10-20 years.

When I spend over 100 hours on a game and have a great time almost the entire time I think I'm perfectly justified with my 5/5 rating of a game. No game is perfect and me pointing out a few minor problems won't stop me from rating it that way.

Nelson Schneider

Nelson Schneider- wrote on 08/20/17 at 08:27 PM CT
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the ... Review comment


The amount of complaints and caveats you have with this game does not strike me as if you actually had a 5/5 experience. It seems more like you're trying to tow the line for the Nintendo status quo.

Nelson Schneider

Nelson Schneider- wrote on 02/28/17 at 04:13 PM CT
Bravely Second: End Layer Review comment


Sounds kind of like the annoying situation with White Knight Chronicles and White Knight Chronicles 2 retreading the same ground and feeling more like two parts of a half-assed whole instead of a game and a sequel.


dbarry_22- wrote on 12/12/16 at 02:13 PM CT
No Man's Sky Review comment


Occasionally I've played video games that freeze/crash from time to time. But, that's usually once or twice during the entire time I play the game. This game routinely crashed every couple hours and what I was doing didn't seem to matter.



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