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Location: All Gaming Forums / General Discussion / What Game Should I Get for Wining The Melted Joystick Contest?
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Hardcore Gamer
I'm in a bit of a dilemma fellas so I would like your input.  I'm not sure which game to get for winning this contest.

I currently have 2 choices in mind.  First is Dead Space 2 for the PS3.  Second is the new Tiger Woods game that has the Master's course for the Wii.

Here are the arguments for these two games right now.  With Dead Space 2, I have the other 2 games, I'm a fan of the series, and probably will eventually get the game but I'm not dieing to get it right now.  Tiger Woods on the other hand, I do already have one for the Wii and the new one with the Master's Course would be nice, but I wouldn't buy a whole new game for it but if I got it for free I might.

I'm also open to other suggestions as well.  If you do, check out my "Games I Own" list so you don't suggest a game I already have.

So, if you would for 1 of the my 2 games listed above and send a new suggestion my way to help me decide!
11:48 pm CT

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  Nelson Schneider
Nelson Schneider
Ew. Personally, I wouldn't touch either one. Don't you have any other games on your wish list?

If you're set on choosing between those two, I'd say Dead Space. I don't see the point of getting a golf game that's nearly identical to one you already have, even if it's free.

Though you might consider getting the PS3 version of Tiger 12... then you'd have a reason to splurge on a Move controller.
2:25 am CT

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I would go with Tiger Woods. PS 3 sucks. 03/29/2011
10:09 am CT

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I'd get the one you would not normally get, cause you'll end up buying the other one eventually anyways.  Dead Space 2 was already on sale once, it probably will be again, or even permanently drop in price a few months from now.  Might be better to get the Augusta courses! 03/29/2011
10:49 am CT

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  Chris Kavan
Chris Kavan
FYI - the official selection is Tiger Woods for the Wii. Let's see that motion control action! But you can always borrow my copy of Dead Space 2. 04/07/2011
7:57 pm CT

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