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Nelson Schneider - wrote on 06/25/17 at 03:48 PM CT

I have a LOT of “RPG Maker” games and other retro RPG titles in my Steam library. I also have a lot of Kemco’s retro RPGs in my Google Play library. Yet I find myself rarely playing these, as, after an initial taste of these titles that aim to replicate the classics of the Golden Age, I have been bitterly disappointed.

Yes, I got solid enjoyment out of “

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Nelson Schneider - wrote on 06/18/17 at 03:33 PM CT

I honestly didn’t get my hopes up for E3 this year. No significant rumors have been circulating about major upcoming reveals, and the only new hardware we’ve been waiting for is yet another Xbox (which nobody should care about anyway). Fortunately, Nintendo managed to produce a large enough quantity of surprises to carry the rest of the show single-handedly.

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Nelson Schneider - wrote on 06/10/17 at 10:08 PM CT

Alas, you all did not heed me! Woe to the videogames industry, for a wicked spectre from the past is come to bring ruin to us all!

It has long been my vehement opinion that Atari, the perpetrator of the Great Crash of 1983, the same Atari which later acquired, then painfully abused the Dungeons & Dragons videogame licen...

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Nelson Schneider - wrote on 06/04/17 at 02:46 PM CT

Welcome back to another installment of the MeltedJoystick Review Round-Up. Here’s what our staff has reviewed since last time:

Nelson’s Reviews:
This Spring, I decided it was finally time to dust-off the original two ‘Deus Ex’ games in order to educate myself before playing “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” sometime th...

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Nelson Schneider - wrote on 05/28/17 at 03:40 PM CT

Welcome back to another look into the near future! June is traditionally the start of the dreaded Summer Game Drought. Fortunately for all of us, this year, the deluge that started two months ago is continuing unabated. Should we be grateful for this influx of new releases, or is it transforming into a destructive monsoon of crap?

Only three pieces of shovelware are coming in June. By some cos...

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Nelson Schneider - wrote on 05/21/17 at 04:04 PM CT

Three years ago, I was rather excited about the potential of Virtual Reality hardware, like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR, as well as Microsoft’s weird, special snowflake take on the Reality gimmick, Augmented Reality via the prototype MS Hololens. We haven’t heard much about Hololens since

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Nelson Schneider - wrote on 05/14/17 at 02:16 PM CT

Way back in 2014, I put together a list of 5 Wii games to help bridge the generation gap between Gen-X-ers and their mothers on Mothers’ Day. In the intervening time, the Wii came to the end of its glorious life and was replaced by the abysmal WiiU. In the same timeframe, Nintendo seems to have largely given up on the ‘Blue...

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Nelson Schneider - wrote on 05/07/17 at 04:55 PM CT

While it still doesn’t have an official name or release date outside of ‘holiday 2017,’ recently new information has been revealed about the upcoming successor to the XBONE, the Xbox Codenamed ‘Scorpio.’ As an Xbox hater since th...

View Nelson Schneider's Profile

Nelson Schneider - wrote on 04/30/17 at 04:29 PM CT

Welcome back to another look into the near future! May is continuing the downpour of Spring releases that started last month. Shall we see if the garden has started to blossom?

Shovelware weeds are starting to poke their noses out of the dirt. There’s plenty of variety too! There’s two licenses superhero pieces of shovelware, “

View Nelson Schneider's Profile

Nelson Schneider - wrote on 04/23/17 at 04:09 PM CT

At the beginning of the year, I took a look at what Japanese gamers are playing, since they obviously aren’t getting all of the Western releases that we are in North America. Ironically, Japanese publishers have started pushing multi-platform releases more and more onto PC via Steam. This trend of Japanese publishers releas...


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