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Super Mario 64 (1996) Game Information

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Super Mario 64 (1996)
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Nintendo 64

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Action (3D Platformer)


Mario is invited the the castle of Princess Peach with the promise of cake - but upon arriving finds that Bowser has once again kidnapped the princess. In order to save her, Mario will have to find the Power Stars hidden in the many portraits that serve as portals to levels in order to unlock to door to stop Bowser in this 3D adventure.

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Quick Game Reviews

Megadrive 09/17/2022 (0 of 0 found this helpful)

Rating of

Another Mario game that launched a thousand inferior clones, this is the original and best platformer on the system. All you'd want from a Mario game with a third dimension.

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Chris Kavan 02/21/2011 (0 of 0 found this helpful)

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An important game that pretty much revolutionized the platforming world by giving us a 3D open. While Super Mario World still gets my vote as the best Mario game, I think this has had the most influence on the gaming world (well, aside from the original). A game worth checking out just to see where the trend started.

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Full Game Reviews

Hardcore Gamer

03/22/2011 (0 of 0 found this helpful)

Best Ever

Super Mario 64 is the greatest game of all-time. Others would argue Super Mario Bros. 3 is the best, and it's a fair argument because that's the best 2D platforming game of all-time. Super Mario 64 takes it to the next stage. Without successfully taking 2D games to the 3D level, video games would not be where they are today. Super Mario 64 did a great job of doing just that. Rich, expansive, 3D environments along with multiple tasks to do in each level while adding new jumping tricks and items makes it great fun. My friends and I would practically stay up all night wowed by graphics and trying to find stars. I've played this game multiple times and have had a great time each time.

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Classic Gamer

02/17/2011 (0 of 0 found this helpful)

The Greatest Game Ever

Simply put, the greatest game of all time and the one that changed the platformer forever. I remember starting this game when I bought the N64 at 12:01 a.m. in 1996. Whoever bought Pilot Wings made a big mistake. The Bowser levels were incredible. The best part was going back through the game to get all the stars.

A masterpiece! For those of you who haven't played this game, you would be amazed at how great it is. If you don't like mario, so be it. But if you do, this is the best in the series and most important.

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Recent Gaming Talk Forum Posts

  Nelson Schneider
Nelson Schneider
Some well-spoken points there, Alex. But don't forget that we have been able to save or get passwords since the NES days. The Mega Man series was password-driven, but that didn't make it any easier. It just allowed the player to take a break from the frustration without having to start at the beginning each time (or leave their NES on for days on end).

You loved Mario 64 because you were able to embrace and enjoy the new 3D platformer genre it created. I couldn't; I wanted more 2D Mario, which didn't come for 2 hardware generations.

I also want to point out that I gave Mario 64 2.5 stars. If I REALLY hated it, I would have rated it lower. My vitriol toward that game comes largely from the fact that lots of fanboys act like it's the greatest thing to come out of Nintendo EVAR, when it is clearly just a mediocre first attempt at creating a platformer in a 3D environment. The more often people declare that lead is gold, the louder I yell when I'm telling them they're wrong.

2:00 am CT

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Games are what they are when they were released. Coming out on a new system and being able to save it more often means that the game has changed. The first Super Mario Bros (and other side scrollers) would be the easiest game of all time if you could save it. Admittedly, I have not played Galaxy 2. I am sure I would love it. But not as much as Super Mario 64. The graphics still are good for the system and it is a blast to play.

Like after I played Donkey Kong for the SNES, I never thought I would play a better game. Then I played Super Mario 64. There are a lot of games that are a bit more fun with more people and a bit different, but popping in the cartridge and turning it on brings back a memory of an experience I will never have again...experiencing a 3D platformer that was incredible in every way (I don't care if "was" is past tense).

8:46 pm CT

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  Nelson Schneider
Nelson Schneider
I tend to rate games based on lasting appeal. It is hard to compare NES games to Wii games because most NES games have not aged well.

I don't generally take difficulty into account unless it's 'cheap' difficulty (commonly known as "Nintendo Hard"). Mario 64 is WAY easier than the original game. SMB does get dinged in my opinion for not having unlimited continues and/or the ability to save or use a password. Despite having the patience of Buddha, I do NOT have the patience to repeat the beginning of a game over and over and over just to get another shot at the later, more difficult parts.

Mario Galaxy isn't much easier than the old Mario games, it just has a reasonable save system to prevent tedious replaying. I don't know about you, but when I buy a game, I expect to be able to play through the whole thing instead of just getting very familiar with the first two levels.

It's also worth noting that most of our professional game reviewing colleagues had their asses handed to them by New Super Mario Bros. Wii and were moaning about how difficult it was... yet I managed to beat it without the Super Guide ever appearing.

12:50 am CT

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