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 ASGrince's Video Game Rating History (50)

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  Game Title Theirs   Your Rating Overall Add
X360SoulCalibur IV4/5 3.83/5Add to game list 
X360Battlefield: Bad Company4.5/5 4.30/5Add to game list 
NNThe Homebrew Channel4/5 4.00/5Add to game list 
X360Fable II4/5 3.92/5Add to game list 
WiiMetroid Prime 3: Corruption5/5 3.60/5Add to game list 
WiiZack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure3.5/5 3.60/5Add to game list 
XLAPac-Man Championship Edition4.5/5 4.50/5Add to game list 
X360The Orange Box3.5/5 3.83/5Add to game list 
DSPokémon Pearl Version4/5 4.00/5Add to game list 
X360Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare4/5 3.82/5Add to game list 
X360Mass Effect4.5/5 4.38/5Add to game list 
WiiResident Evil 4: Wii Edition ( BioHazard 4: Wii Edition )4.5/5 4.33/5Add to game list 
DSMetroid Prime: Hunters4/5 3.88/5Add to game list 
DSNew Super Mario Bros.4/5 3.79/5Add to game list 
PS2Ôkami4.5/5 4.00/5Add to game list 
X360Gears of War4/5 3.71/5Add to game list 
XboxDoom 33.5/5 3.30/5Add to game list 
PS2Psychonauts4.5/5 4.25/5Add to game list 
PS2Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King4/5 4.00/5Add to game list 
GBAMetroid Fusion4/5 4.08/5Add to game list 
GBASuper Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World4.5/5 4.20/5Add to game list 
GCMetroid Prime4.5/5 3.95/5Add to game list 
X360Halo 34/5 3.86/5Add to game list 
DSMario Kart DS4/5 4.05/5Add to game list 
X360Battlefield: Bad Company 24.5/5 4.29/5Add to game list 
WiiSuper Smash Bros. Brawl4.5/5 4.02/5Add to game list 
GBAMetroid: Zero Mission4.5/5 4.25/5Add to game list 
X360Halo: Reach4/5 3.88/5Add to game list 
PS2Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening4.5/5 4.70/5Add to game list 
X360Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood4.5/5 4.11/5Add to game list 
PS2God of War II4.5/5 4.25/5Add to game list 
GCThe Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess4.5/5 4.39/5Add to game list 
X360Assassin's Creed II4/5 4.14/5Add to game list 
WiiSuper Mario Galaxy4.5/5 4.26/5Add to game list 
NESThe Legend of Zelda4/5 3.91/5Add to game list 
PS3The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim5/5 4.36/5Add to game list 
PS1Metal Gear Solid4.5/5 4.24/5Add to game list 
X360Grand Theft Auto IV4/5 4.26/5Add to game list 
GCMetal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes5/5 4.61/5Add to game list 
N64GoldenEye 0074.5/5 3.98/5Add to game list 
NESSuper Mario Bros.4/5 4.17/5Add to game list 
X360Mass Effect 25/5 4.63/5Add to game list 
GCSuper Smash Bros. Melee5/5 4.36/5Add to game list 
SNESSuper Metroid5/5 4.32/5Add to game list 
N64Super Mario 643.5/5 3.96/5Add to game list 
X360BioShock5/5 4.19/5Add to game list 
SNESSuper Mario World4.5/5 4.35/5Add to game list 
NESSuper Mario Bros. 35/5 4.35/5Add to game list 
SNESThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past4.5/5 4.46/5Add to game list 
N64The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time5/5 4.24/5Add to game list 



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