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Top Games of 2011

Best games of 2011 are calculated by overall game ratings and members "Top 2011 Games List". 2011 top games are calculated daily.


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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection 4.50/5 Add to game list

Platform: PlayStation 3
US Release Date: 11/08/2011
Genre: Compilation, Action (Stealth)
ESRB Rating: M
Developer: Bluepoint Games
Publisher: Konami
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LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars 4.50/5 Add to game list

Platform: Xbox 360
US Release Date: 03/22/2011
Genre: Action (3D Platformer)
ESRB rating: E10+
Developer: Traveller’s Tales
Publisher: LucasArts
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Cthulhu Saves the World 4.33/5 Add to game list

Platform: PC (Steam)
US Release Date: 07/13/2011
Genre: Role Playing (RPG) (Turn-Based RPG)
ESRB Rating:
Developer: Zeboyd Games
Publisher: Zeboyd Games
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Rayman Origins 4.33/5 Add to game list

Platform: Wii
US Release Date: 11/15/2011
Genre: Action (Action/Adventure)
ESRB rating: E10+
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Synopsis: A delightful day at The Snoring Tree turns into a world-changing adventure when Rayman and his friends awaken the army of the Darktoons, who threaten their entire world. With the help of the bodacious nymphs of The Glade, Rayman, Globox and the Teensie wizards will work to bring peace back over 12 unique worlds and 60 2D platforming levels.


Gears of War 3 4.10/5 Add to game list

Platform: Xbox 360
US Release Date: 09/20/2011
JP Release Date: 09/22/2011
Genre: Action (Third-Person Shooter)
ESRB Rating: M
Developer: Epic Games
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Synopsis: Eighteen months after the last human city of Jacinto was sunk, humanity is scattered and on the brink of annihilation. On the battleship Raven's Nest, Delta Squad and Marcus Fenix have regrouped to try one last effort to save humanity. With part of the Locust Horde having turned into a new, deadly threat called Lambent, the threat is greater than ever.


Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds 4.17/5 Add to game list

Platform: Xbox 360
US Release Date: 02/15/2011
JP Release Date: 02/17/2011
Genre: Action (2D Fighting)
ESRB rating: T
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Synopsis: Doctor Doom has joined forces with Albert Wesker to assemble the ultimate group of villains to rule their respective universes - the heroes will rise up to protect their worlds, but both will face a threat more dangerous then they could imagine in this fast-paced fighting game featuring some of the most famous characters in the Marvel / Capcom franchises.


Radiant Historia 4.50/5 Add to game list

Platform: Nintendo DS / DSi
US Release Date: 02/22/2011
JP Release Date: 11/03/2010
Genre: Role Playing (RPG)
ESRB Rating: E10+
Developer: Atlus
Publisher: Atlus
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Rayman 3D 4.50/5 Add to game list

Platform: Nintendo 3DS
US Release Date: 03/27/2011
Genre: Action (3D Platformer)
ESRB rating: E
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft
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Fortune Street 4.10/5 Add to game list

Platform: Wii
US Release Date: 12/05/2011
JP Release Date: 12/01/2011
Genre: Casual (Board)
ESRB Rating: E
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Nintendo
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Crysis 2 4.00/5 Add to game list

Platform: Xbox 360
US Release Date: 03/22/2011
Genre: Action (First-Person Shooter)
ESRB rating: M
Developer: Crytek
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Synopsis: An alien force seeks to wipe out humanity, and they're starting in New York. With advanced technology and a fast-spreading plague ravaging the population, it's up to one supersoldier equipped with the latest and best enhanced combat technology to prevent the invasion from spreading and to stop the alien menace.

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