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 MeltedJoystick User's Video Game Rating History (346)

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  Game Title Theirs   Your Rating Overall Add
NESCrystalis1.5/5 3.00/5Add to game list 
NESLittle Nemo: The Dream Master2.5/5 3.30/5Add to game list 
NESStarTropics3/5 3.40/5Add to game list 
TG16Neutopia2/5 3.25/5Add to game list 
NESCastlevania III: Dracula's Curse2/5 3.33/5Add to game list 
NESRiver City Ransom1.5/5 3.17/5Add to game list 
NESBaseball Simulator 1.0001.5/5 3.17/5Add to game list 
NESDragon Warrior II ( Dragon Quest II: Pantheon of Evil Spirits )2/5 3.43/5Add to game list 
NESChip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers1/5 3.30/5Add to game list 
NESManiac Mansion1.5/5 3.45/5Add to game list 
NESAdventures of Lolo 22/5 3.50/5Add to game list 
NESMs. Pac-Man1.5/5 3.50/5Add to game list 
NESFinal Fantasy2/5 3.61/5Add to game list 
NESTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game0.5/5 3.38/5Add to game list 
NESMega Man 32/5 3.59/5Add to game list 
NESDéjà Vu: A Nightmare Comes True1/5 3.38/5Add to game list 
PCDangerous Dave2/5 3.50/5Add to game list 
GENThunder Force III1/5 3.00/5Add to game list 
NESBaby Boomer1/5 0.63/5Add to game list 
PCHeroes of the Lance3.5/5 2.25/5Add to game list 
PCUninvited1/5 1.50/5Add to game list 
NESBases Loaded2.5/5 2.50/5Add to game list 
PCWar of the Lance2/5 1.50/5Add to game list 
NESJaws1.5/5 1.40/5Add to game list 
NESTiger-Heli2.5/5 2.13/5Add to game list 
NESZanac A.I.2/5 2.50/5Add to game list 
AtariWinter Games2/5 2.50/5Add to game list 
NESThe Legend of Zelda1.5/5 3.91/5Add to game list 
NESA Nightmare on Elm Street1.5/5 1.13/5Add to game list 
PCChampions of Krynn1.5/5 1.25/5Add to game list 
NESKing Neptune's Adventure2/5 1.50/5Add to game list 
NESMenace Beach1/5 1.00/5Add to game list 
PCSecret of the Silver Blades3/5 2.00/5Add to game list 
NESMagic Johnson's Fast Break2.5/5 1.75/5Add to game list 
GENJames 'Buster' Douglas Knockout Boxing1.5/5 1.25/5Add to game list 
NESDays of Thunder1.5/5 1.25/5Add to game list 
NESSilver Surfer1/5 0.67/5Add to game list 
NESDragon's Lair2/5 1.00/5Add to game list 
PCMega Man2/5 1.25/5Add to game list 
NESChallenge of the Dragon1.5/5 1.00/5Add to game list 
NESPunch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream3.5/5 2.60/5Add to game list 
GENDick Tracy2/5 2.33/5Add to game list 
NESSwords and Serpents2/5 2.17/5Add to game list 
NESThe Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout3/5 2.50/5Add to game list 
NESNES Play Action Football1.5/5 2.00/5Add to game list 
NESUltima IV: Quest of the Avatar2.5/5 2.33/5Add to game list 
NES8 Eyes1/5 1.75/5Add to game list 
GENAir Diver2.5/5 2.50/5Add to game list 
GENBurning Force1.5/5 2.00/5Add to game list 
GENCastle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse2/5 2.25/5Add to game list 

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