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 Megadrive's Video Game Rating History (1985)

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  Game Title Theirs   Your Rating Overall Add
PS4Moonlighter3.5/5 3.50/5Add to game list 
PS2Psychonauts3.5/5 4.00/5Add to game list 
PS2Metal Slug Anthology4/5 4.25/5Add to game list 
PSNMetal Slug Anthology4/5 4.00/5Add to game list 
DSPokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs3/5 3.00/5Add to game list 
PSNSteredenn4/5 4.00/5Add to game list 
PS4Shadow Warrior4/5 3.50/5Add to game list 
PSNSteamWorld Dig3/5 3.83/5Add to game list 
GBAColin McRae Rally 2.03/5 3.00/5Add to game list 
N64Banjo-Tooie4/5 3.50/5Add to game list 
PS4Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled3/5 3.00/5Add to game list 
N64Banjo-Kazooie4/5 4.18/5Add to game list 
PS1Car and Driver Presents: Grand Tour Racing '983.5/5 3.50/5Add to game list 
N64Conker's Bad Fur Day3.5/5 3.40/5Add to game list 
WiiSSX Blur3/5 3.00/5Add to game list 
WiiThe House of the Dead: Overkill4/5 3.42/5Add to game list 
WiiRed Steel 23/5 3.63/5Add to game list 
WiiRed Steel3.5/5 3.00/5Add to game list 
WiiThe Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword3.5/5 3.79/5Add to game list 
WiiThe Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess4/5 4.13/5Add to game list 
WiiDead Space: Extraction4/5 4.00/5Add to game list 
WiiÔkami3.5/5 3.50/5Add to game list 
PS3SoulCalibur V3.5/5 3.30/5Add to game list 
PS3Street Fighter IV3.5/5 4.00/5Add to game list 
WiiExcite Truck3.5/5 3.20/5Add to game list 
WiiLEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game2.5/5 3.13/5Add to game list 
PS3Lord of the Rings: War in the North3/5 3.00/5Add to game list 
PS3LEGO Jurassic World2.5/5 2.50/5Add to game list 
PS3Sonic Unleashed3/5 3.00/5Add to game list 
PS3Marvel: Ultimate Alliance2.5/5 3.25/5Add to game list 
WiiResident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles ( BioHazard: The Darkside Chronicles )4/5 3.25/5Add to game list 
WiiResident Evil 4: Wii Edition ( BioHazard 4: Wii Edition )4.5/5 4.35/5Add to game list 
WiiNo More Heroes3/5 3.25/5Add to game list 
PS4Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun3/5 3.00/5Add to game list 
WiiCall of Duty: World at War3.5/5 3.50/5Add to game list 
N64Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 34/5 3.33/5Add to game list 
N64Super Bowling2.5/5 2.50/5Add to game list 
WiiMadWorld3/5 3.33/5Add to game list 
WiiMetroid Prime 3: Corruption4/5 3.67/5Add to game list 
N64Stunt Racer 643/5 3.00/5Add to game list 
N64StarCraft 643.5/5 3.17/5Add to game list 
N64Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth3/5 3.00/5Add to game list 
N64Spider-Man3/5 3.00/5Add to game list 
N64Space Invaders2.5/5 2.50/5Add to game list 
WiiResident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles ( Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles )4/5 3.71/5Add to game list 
WiiMetroid: Other M4/5 3.00/5Add to game list 
N64Rally Challenge 20003/5 3.00/5Add to game list 
N64Razor Freestyle Scooter3/5 3.00/5Add to game list 
N64Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth4/5 4.00/5Add to game list 
N64Snowboard Kids 23/5 2.75/5Add to game list 

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