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 Nick's Video Game Rating History (266)

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  Game Title Theirs   Your Rating Overall Add
N64Killer Instinct Gold2.5/5 3.00/5Add to game list 
NESSuper Mario Bros. 2 - The Lost Levels2/5 2.43/5Add to game list 
NESDragon Warrior II ( Dragon Quest II: Pantheon of Evil Spirits )4/5 3.43/5Add to game list 
NESDragon Warrior III ( Dragon Quest III: And Thus Into Legend... )4/5 3.63/5Add to game list 
NESLegacy of the Wizard2.5/5 2.50/5Add to game list 
NESNinja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos0.5/5 2.45/5Add to game list 
NESLittle Samson3.5/5 3.50/5Add to game list 
NESKirby's Adventure3/5 3.50/5Add to game list 
NESThe Goonies II0.5/5 1.86/5Add to game list 
NESGargoyle's Quest II: The Demon Darkness3/5 3.13/5Add to game list 
NESDonkey Kong Classics3/5 3.30/5Add to game list 
NESDragon Warrior IV ( Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen )4.5/5 4.44/5Add to game list 
NESUninvited3/5 4.00/5Add to game list 
NESSpy Hunter1.5/5 2.08/5Add to game list 
NESMach Rider1/5 2.00/5Add to game list 
NESXenophobe1/5 1.70/5Add to game list 
NESMetal Gear1/5 2.63/5Add to game list 
NESR.C. Pro-Am1/5 2.88/5Add to game list 
WiiRock Band 33.5/5 3.08/5Add to game list 
WiiRock Band 23/5 3.50/5Add to game list 
WiiRock Band2.5/5 2.70/5Add to game list 
WiiGuitar Hero III: Legends of Rock4/5 3.55/5Add to game list 
WiiGuitar Hero: World Tour3.5/5 3.21/5Add to game list 
PS1Tomb Raider4/5 2.95/5Add to game list 
NESGauntlet II4/5 3.00/5Add to game list 
NESWizards & Warriors2.5/5 2.67/5Add to game list 
NESTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project2/5 2.86/5Add to game list 
NESTecmo Super Bowl4.5/5 3.85/5Add to game list 
NESTecmo Bowl3/5 3.23/5Add to game list 
NESSuper Mario Bros. 2 - USA3/5 3.56/5Add to game list 
NESStar Trek: The Next Generation3/5 3.00/5Add to game list 
NESSpy vs. Spy3.5/5 2.81/5Add to game list 
NESSeicross2.5/5 2.00/5Add to game list 
NESRad Racer1.5/5 1.75/5Add to game list 
NESNES Open Tournament Golf4.5/5 3.17/5Add to game list 
NESMickey Mousecapade2/5 1.83/5Add to game list 
NESManiac Mansion3/5 3.45/5Add to game list 
NESGauntlet4.5/5 3.13/5Add to game list 
NESExcitebike2/5 3.27/5Add to game list 
NESDuck Hunt3/5 3.33/5Add to game list 
NESDr. Mario4/5 3.04/5Add to game list 
NESDouble Dribble2/5 2.33/5Add to game list 
NESDonkey Kong3.5/5 3.67/5Add to game list 
NESContra3.5/5 3.63/5Add to game list 
NESCastlevania III: Dracula's Curse2.5/5 3.33/5Add to game list 
NESCastlevania II: Simon's Quest3/5 2.83/5Add to game list 
NESBurgerTime0.5/5 1.90/5Add to game list 
NESBible Buffet0.5/5 1.63/5Add to game list 
NESBible Adventures0.5/5 1.50/5Add to game list 
NESBattletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team1/5 2.38/5Add to game list 

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