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 Katie's Video Game Rating History (73)

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  Game Title Theirs   Your Rating Overall Add
WiiMario Party 91.5/5 1.83/5Add to game list 
WiiTales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World3.5/5 3.25/5Add to game list 
WiiFortune Street4.5/5 4.10/5Add to game list 
WiiThe Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess4/5 4.13/5Add to game list 
SNESSuper Mario Kart3.5/5 4.03/5Add to game list 
SNESThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past4.5/5 4.45/5Add to game list 
NESAnticipation3.5/5 2.00/5Add to game list 
NESEliminator Boat Duel2.5/5 2.75/5Add to game list 
PS3NCAA Football 093.5/5 3.36/5Add to game list 
WiiMonopoly3.5/5 2.80/5Add to game list 
NESAction Video Monopoly3.5/5 2.90/5Add to game list 
X360Scene It? Box Office Smash!3/5 3.36/5Add to game list 
X360Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action4/5 3.93/5Add to game list 
DSNintendogs: Dachshund and Friends3.5/5 3.25/5Add to game list 
PS2Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock3.5/5 2.75/5Add to game list 
N64The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time4.5/5 4.24/5Add to game list 
PS1Gex: Enter the Gecko4/5 2.50/5Add to game list 
PS1Pac-Man World3/5 3.00/5Add to game list 
PSNPac-Man Championship Edition DX2.5/5 3.90/5Add to game list 
PS3Gran Turismo 54/5 3.44/5Add to game list 
PS2Gran Turismo 43.5/5 3.44/5Add to game list 
PSNBraid4/5 4.25/5Add to game list 
WiiKirby's Epic Yarn4.5/5 4.13/5Add to game list 
N64Paperboy3/5 2.07/5Add to game list 
NESPaperboy3.5/5 2.63/5Add to game list 
PS3Ninja Gaiden Sigma3.5/5 3.38/5Add to game list 
NESNinja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos2.5/5 2.56/5Add to game list 
PSPLumines3.5/5 3.63/5Add to game list 
DSUSA Today Crossword Challenge4/5 2.25/5Add to game list 
GCTales of Symphonia5/5 4.00/5Add to game list 
GBATales of Phantasia3.5/5 3.50/5Add to game list 
DSPicross DS4/5 4.33/5Add to game list 
DSPicross 3D3.5/5 3.50/5Add to game list 
GCSuper Smash Bros. Melee4/5 4.34/5Add to game list 
WiiSuper Smash Bros. Brawl3.5/5 4.02/5Add to game list 
N64Super Smash Bros.3.5/5 3.77/5Add to game list 
PSPLocoRoco3.5/5 4.17/5Add to game list 
NESSuper Mario Bros. 34.5/5 4.31/5Add to game list 
NESSuper Mario Bros. 2 - USA3/5 3.53/5Add to game list 
NESSuper Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt3.5/5 3.90/5Add to game list 
WiiNew Super Mario Bros. Wii4.5/5 4.26/5Add to game list 
N64Dr. Mario 643.5/5 2.70/5Add to game list 
NESDr. Mario3.5/5 3.13/5Add to game list 
DSMario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis4.5/5 4.25/5Add to game list 
GCMario Kart: Double Dash!!4.5/5 3.83/5Add to game list 
WiiMario Kart Wii5/5 3.98/5Add to game list 
DSMario Kart DS4.5/5 4.08/5Add to game list 
N64Mario Kart 644/5 4.28/5Add to game list 
GCMario Golf: Toadstool Tour3.5/5 2.80/5Add to game list 
PS2We Love Katamari4/5 3.25/5Add to game list 

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