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Katie's Video Game Reviews (13)

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Fortune Street 4.5/5
Anticipation 3.5/5
Eliminator Boat Duel 2.5/5
Nintendogs: Dachshund a... 3.5/5
Guitar Hero III: Legend... 3.5/5
Tales of Symphonia 5/5
Katamari Damacy 4.5/5
Gex: Enter the Gecko 4/5
Pac-Man Championship Ed... 2.5/5
Mario Party 8 4/5
Mario Party 4 4/5
Tetris 2 4/5
Tetris 4/5


Fortune Street   Wii 

Excellent Game    4.5/5 stars

This is an extremely enjoyable game that features characters from the Mario and Dragon Quest franchises. It is most similar to Monopoly, with players purchasing and investing in real estate properties, however it takes a step beyond and allows players to by stock in other players' property and gain money as they make improvements. In single player mode, you can unlock characters and boards, and earn in game achievement trophies. Multiplayer mode allows for intense competition between friends as they balance earning money with preventing other players from doing the same.

We bought this game not knowing exactly what to expect. We read that it is a popular series in Japan, and as Dragon Quest and Mario fans, we thought it was worth a try. We were so right. This is an excellent game and well worth buying. The only flaw is that, like Monopoly, it can get rather lengthy.



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Katie- wrote on 04/24/12 at 01:10 PM CT


Fortune Street is pretty much a direct port of a hugely popular, 20-year-old, Japanese franchise, Itadaki Street. Since you think anything Japanese is awesome, you should love this game. Although you may argue with the title, calling it something ridiculous like American Itadaki Street 1 or something.

And Soul Caliber 4 as a Star Wars game? Please. Star Wars was a gimmick in that game. Those characters were guest stars at best. An accurate fighting game comparison is Super Smash Brothers, which, deny it or not, I have seen you play and enjoy. In that case, a bunch of beloved video game characters get together and form a fight club. Fortune Street uses the same principle, only instead of a fight club, they form a real estate investment club.

Fortune Street is a game that you shouldn't dismiss off hand. If you don't like it after you've played it fine. But you cannot deny an entire game franchise simply because you feel the characters have been "whored out".

I know most "purist" gamers such as yourself don't like to admit it, but the reason Nintendo, Square Enix and all the rest of them got into the business of video games is money. Sure they want to make a quality product and keep fans happy, but every decision they make is about whether they will profit. If they can use popular characters to make a good game better, then I say more power to them.

Nelson Schneider

Nelson Schneider- wrote on 02/05/12 at 02:36 PM CT


But it's not really a Dragon Quest OR Mario game. Those franchises just whored-out their characters to serve as guests in another franchise. Saying you like Fortune Street as a Dragon Quest or Mario game is like saying you like SoulCalibur 4 as a Star Wars game.

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