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Kirby's Dream Course 3.5/5
SteamWorld Dig 4/5
Super Mario Odyssey 5/5
Star Fox 2 3/5
Metroid: Samus Returns 4/5
Dragon Quest VI: Realms... 4/5
Super Mario RPG: Legend... 4.5/5
The Legend of Zelda: Br... 5/5
Blaster Master Zero 4/5
Dragon Quest Heroes: Th... 4/5
Super Mario 3D Land 4.5/5
Castlevania: Dawn of So... 4.5/5
Bravely Second: End Lay... 4/5
Inside 4/5
The Legend of Zelda: Tw... 4.5/5
No Man's Sky 3/5
Mighty No. 9 3/5
Mario Golf: World Tour 4/5
Mario Kart 8 4.5/5
NES Remix 2 4/5
R.B.I. Baseball 14 2/5
Bravely Default 4.5/5
NES Remix 4/5
The Legend of Zelda: A ... 5/5
Dr. Luigi 3.5/5

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Inside   PlayStation Network 

A Story You'll Have To Think About Afterwards    4/5 stars

INSIDE provides more classic 2D platforming and it's story will have you thinking at the end.

Playdead's INSIDE is much like a previous game they created, LIMBO. It's a 2D platforming adventure where for much of it you really have no idea what's going on. There's no description when it comes to the story. At the beginning of the game you take control of a boy in the forest and you just start going. Eventually you realize that you're being chased so you must be careful and stay out of sight. As you progress you start to get a feeling as to what might be going on but at the end things take a strange turn. There's a lot of debate as to what this game is trying to tell you on the internet. I've read these theories. Some of it is ridiculous and some of it is pretty spot on in my mind. You'll have to decide for yourself. I recommend not reading up before you play. The mystery is part of the allure.

This game, while not very colorful, is quite beautiful. It has it's own graphic flare. It's not realistic looking but yet it is. Most of the colors are dreary and bland and helps set the tone for the game. Everything is crisp and it looks great on the PS4.

Play control is solid, not amazing. If you jump off a ledge the boy will tumble and take time to regain control. This will affect how you handle some of the puzzles. Your character can do a lot of things you'd expect him to be able to do. He jumps, he can grab, drag and push things on the ground. He can climb up ropes and turn on and off switches. All of these things are utilized quite well in figuring out the various puzzles and obstacles strung throughout the game.

This game isn't very long, I beat it in a few sittings. I'd say easily less than 10 hours, probably more like 5. I've always said that a game doesn't need to give you dozens of hours of enjoyment to be good and this is a great example of it.

I don't exactly understand why some other sites out there gave this game such amazing reviews. I agree it's a very good game, but to give it a perfect score is an overstatement. Also, the price tag of $20 also seems a bit high. I did get it on sale, I suggest you do the same if you decide to give it a shot. If you enjoyed LIMBO you should enjoy this game as well. I think it's worth playing.




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