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Nelson Schneider - wrote on 01/27/19 at 04:22 PM CT

As gaming comes into its own as a mature medium, it is looking more and more to the past, as do so many other artistic media. Remakes, remasters, reboots – all are just euphemisms for ‘rehash,’ as developers and publishers struggle to come up with new ideas or even to iterate on existing ideas in meaningful ways. Nowhere is this love of hindsight more prevalent than in the now-fully-mature ...

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Nelson Schneider - wrote on 01/19/19 at 04:21 PM CT

We aren’t even a month into 2019, and an Epic Fail that is destined to make the Year in Review list is already on the books. According to information dug-up and translated by Siliconera, Japan managed to sneak in end-of-the-year legislation that bans any and all forms of hardware or softwar...

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Nelson Schneider - wrote on 01/13/19 at 03:53 PM CT

With a new year upon us, many people take the opportunity to make overreaching New Year’s Resolutions that they will never be able to own-up to. Whether it’s losing weight, controlling your temper, or drinking less alcohol, most of the typical Resolutions are a real drag because they go against the Nature of the Beast, and all of us are the way we are by-and-large due to things that are far o...

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Nelson Schneider - wrote on 01/05/19 at 06:41 PM CT

Welcome back to another look into the near future! 2018 is officially over and done, and its mixed-bag of offerings need no longer haunt us as we plunge ever-bold into the future… except for those of us who still have 2018 games in our Backlogs and Wishlists! Let’s take a look and see how the “AAA” corporate gaming industry and the Indie rip-off artists plan to usher in 2019.


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Nelson Schneider - wrote on 12/28/18 at 07:16 PM CT

Another year has come and gone, and the world continues to turn, despite Donald Trump’s best efforts to make it grind to a halt. Once again, it’s time to take a look back at the year and praise the 5 biggest Wins for the gaming community while simultaneously *facepalming* over the 5 biggest Fails.

Top 5 Fails

5. Sixense STEM Vaporware Vaporizes

I’ve bee...

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Nelson Schneider - wrote on 12/24/18 at 01:55 PM CT

This year, the MeltedJoystick Crew decided to break with tradition with regard to our annual Game of the Year. Historically, we’ve posted a poll and, up until last year, took nominations from users to populate it. However, our voter turn-out has always been tragically low, while nomination turn-out has been incredibly high. Thus we’ve always had polls where most of the nominees received no vo...

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Nelson Schneider - wrote on 12/16/18 at 04:24 PM CT

After having my mind blown by “The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion” back in 2011, then feeling like “The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim” offered little in the way of difference in 2014, and pounding “Fallout 3” and “Fallout: New Vegas” back to back in 2015, I thought the jig was up for Bethesda Softworks, and that they could do nothing more to surprise me with the samey, enormous, glitchy Sand...

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Nelson Schneider - wrote on 12/09/18 at 03:32 PM CT

This week, Epic Games, the development house behind both the omnipresent Unreal Engine and a handful of actual games that run on said engine, such as the inconceivably-popular “Fortnite: Battle Royale,” took the next logical step in making vast sums of money by transforming their Epic Games Launcher, which debuted in 2015, into a full-blo...

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Nelson Schneider - wrote on 12/02/18 at 03:01 PM CT

Welcome back to another installment of the MeltedJoystick Review Round-Up. Here’s what our staff has reviewed since last time:

Nelson’s Reviews:
I pulled a Chris this Fall, and played several longer games, thus cutting my review output somewhat. I also did quite a few uncharacteristic things this Fall, such a...

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Nelson Schneider - wrote on 11/25/18 at 02:16 PM CT

Welcome back to another look into the near future! The clock is ticking down for developers to finish their code (more likely, get it ‘good enough’ that it doesn’t crash instantly on every piece of hardware) and shove it out the door before the end of the year. Ironically, most corporations’ Fiscal Years actually end in March…

Breathe it in everyone! *SNIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFF* Ahhhhhhh! A...


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