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Rock Band 3 (2010) Game Talk

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  Nick Barry
Nick Barry
Guitar Hero and Rock Band made big impact in the way we play new age video games, but are they going stick around?  Guitar Hero has recently closed it doors with dropping sales and Rock Band has triumphed as the winner.  But is there still enough hype for people to continue to buy more games that simply focus on another band or artist?  I think they are going at it all wrong, and they should stick to coming out with new songs to download for your existing game, cause there really isn't a point in coming out with a new disc to buy for 60 bucks.  Does it really cost a lot to make a new song to download?  Maybe buying the rights is the issue, I don't know, but $2 per song ($3 for a pro song), is pretty ridiculous.  I think the genre is dying due to these high prices and they need to make all songs $1.  This would keep everyone coming back for more and increase the volume of sales.

The Rock Band pro instruments are great leap forward in realism for game play.  But how many people are actually going to buy the real guitar and be able to play chords, hammer-ons, pulls, and all the like?  Not too many.  There are so many people out there that think they are good just because they can smash 5 buttons on a guitar controller that they are going to get depressed if they try the real guitar.  Granted, I do think this is a huge success paving the way for learning the guitar in a whole new way, and it is very affordable when compared to the prices of electric guitars and guitar lessons.  But in terms of market reach to existing Rock Band customers, I think it will be low and not profitable for Rock Band to stay in business for years to come. 

Back when Guitar Hero first came out I had the idea of a DVD that worked a lot like a guitar lesson where you could learn to pay a real guitar through use of tabs and playing along with the actually music video.  Rock Band has gotten to that point and even took it a step further be able to show right on the screen whether you are making a mistake or not.  My idea was geared more towards a lesson on DVD with the real music and tabs, while Rock Band is geared more towards game play and having fun.  Either way, the idea has come a reality and we'll just have to see where it goes.  I am interested in trying the real guitar for Rock Band, so we'll see if I get the chance in the future.
1:01 pm CT

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  Chris Kavan
Chris Kavan
I like the idea of learning to play an instrument, but for me, personally, it probably won't work. Mainly because I have short, stubby fingers - which is also why I would suck at piano. It's not so much I wouldn't put in the time, but that I don't think I am physically capable of stretching for those power chords. But if people took it seriously, you could potentially have an entire generation that could play guitar - I don't know if that's awesome or scary. 03/11/2011
1:08 pm CT

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  Nick Barry
Nick Barry
short fingers are not a disability.  some chords may be harder to play, but you also have double jointed fingers which is an advantage for playing other chords cause you can hold down string combinations easier.  Don't diss it till you try it. 03/11/2011
1:26 pm CT

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  Nelson Schneider
Nelson Schneider
I think music games, like most casual genres, are a time-limited fad. They specifically target people who are more interested in rock music than in videogames, which immediately leads to difficulty in selling sequels. Casual gamers are much more prone to say, "Why should I buy a new one? My old one works fine," than people who spend a lot of time playing games as a hobby.

This same situation, I think, is going to bite Nintendo in the butt when it comes to selling a Wii successor. All the soccer moms and grannys that bought a Wii won't understand why they need a new Wii when their old one still works, and they certainly won't pay the $300+ that it will most likely cost.

It's a good thing the music game companies sold those bundles for such huge prices, as they only had one shot at it.
2:44 pm CT

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Yep all Rock Band/Guitar Hero games that I played were basically the same and offered me nothing new other than the songs I could play. The instrument idea is a good one, but it won't hit a home run like the games did when they first came out. Might as well close it's doors on this type of game. 03/11/2011
2:56 pm CT

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