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 Ranking Points Needed What it Means
 Casual Gamer 0-49 You haven't played many games, and those you have played are simply time-fillers. When people around you chat about the latest gaming news, you chime in about how great your 'Farmville' farm is doing. Most of your gaming hours have probably been spent playing 'Windows Solitaire.'
 Newbie Gamer 50-99 The current console hardware generation is probably your first. You've never heard of Link or Mario, and you mostly buy licensed games based on your favorite movies. You need guidance to prevent your horrible taste from driving you away from gaming.
 Mainstream Gamer 100-249 You know there's more to gaming than 'Bejeweled' and 'WiiSports,' but your lack of experience means you depend on advertising departments to tell you what you like. Thus, you think any game with an ESRB rating lower than "M" is "kiddy." You need to stop worrying about how "cool" you are and form your own opinions.
 Regular Gamer 250-499 You've played enough different games in different genres that you're beginning to learn what's good and what's not. You make disparaging remarks about movie tie-in games, but still can't resist the hype machine for "AAA Titles."
 Avid Gamer 500-999 You have matured as a gaming hobbyist. You read reviews, you do research, and you form your own opinions, which you are quite willing to share. You no longer have to visit GameStop on a weekly basis to unload crap you accidentally bought.
 Hardcore Gamer 1000-4999 You enjoy lots of different games, but you also know what you don't enjoy. You complete almost every game you buy, often in the first week after release. When you're not playing games, you're reading or arguing about them on the Internet. Your ghostly pallor and calloused thumbs are testaments to your dedication to the hobby. You may have caused a joystick to melt.
 Gaming God 5000+ You have finished more games than anyone else in your peer group and own even more games than that. Your staggering backlog just keeps growing, as you strive to fully experience each game you play so you can share your insights with others. From the top of your lofty pedestal atop your mighty high-horse atop your ivory tower, you gaze down upon the sea of games and can immediately glean the gold from the dross. Joysticks melt in your presence.


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